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Holding Hands Up High

Public Information (PI) Committee

  • The PI Committee provides information about AA to the outside community using such outlets as libraries, schools, churches, and community centers.

  • The PI Committee Chair is the focal point of District 42 contact with outside individuals and media. Activities may include contact with a variety of organizations, including individuals in print, radio, television, films, various digital platforms, and future communication technologies not yet developed. All contact and information exchange should be conducted in accordance with the AA Traditions, with special emphasis given to anonymity protection.

  • The PI Committee maintains a supply of pamphlets, AA-approved literature, and DuPage County Meeting Directories that can be used to describe AA to interested organizations and professionals. Literature distribution and face-to-face contact should be conducted to describe AA, and let them know what AA does and does not do for alcoholics.

  • The PI Committee creates and maintains a display explaining AA to the general public made available for use at District 42, NIA, and other activities in DuPage County. The PI Committee will participate in such events as appropriate.

  • The PI Committee Chair works in close cooperation with the following Committees Chairs in order to maximize the reach to the still-suffering alcoholic and avoid unnecessary duplication of effort: Bridging the Gap, Cooperation with the Professional Community, Correctional Facilities, and Treatment Facilities.

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