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Holding Hands Up High

Local Committee Member

The Local Committee Member (LCM) carries the District message to the groups. The LCM keeps in regular contact with District 42 Groups to ensure that information contained in the Fellowship New Vision database is current and to provide regular updates of information for the various Groups and meetings (such as changes to meeting locations and new GSRs) to the NIA registrar.

The LCM visits those meetings that do not have GSRs and encourages them to elect a GSR and visits meetings whose GSR has not been to the District 42 monthly meeting for several months to encourage better participation.

The LCM is responsible for maintaining an accurate listing of meetings in the “DuPage County Meeting Directory” by supplying the Directory Coordinator with all changes to meetings within District 42 as they occur.

The LCM assists new meetings in completing the paperwork for registration with the NIA registrar and for entry into the FNV database as well as registering with GSO.

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