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Holding Hands Up High

Bridging the Gap Committee

The District 42 BTG Committee works with the NIA BTG Committee in developing an effective program to assist individuals transitioning from a Treatment or Corrections Facility into the local AA recovering community.


BTG Volunteers serve as temporary contacts for individuals as they transition out of a treatment or correctional facility. The BTG volunteer contacts the newcomer while he or she is still in treatment but preparing for release.

The heart of the BTG program is a password-protected database containing a list of BTG volunteers. The BTG Committee maintains and updates this database for volunteers in District 42 to ensure it is current and accurate. The Committee is also responsible for recruiting and training volunteers to serve as temporary contacts for newcomers.

This committee works in close cooperation with the CPC, CF, PI, and TF Committee Chairs to maximize the reach to the still-suffering alcoholic and avoid unnecessary duplication of effort. In working with members of the CPC, PI, and especially TF and CF committees, it is important to ensure that there is a well-coordinated transition from TF or CF volunteers to BTG volunteers.

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